The Community Company.

Products with a Purpose.

Why We Exist:

We envision a community where everyone has an opportunity to create meaningful change in their lives.

Life-changing adversity can happen to any of us. We don’t expect to suddenly lose our job, we don’t plan on being diagnosed with a disability, and we don’t ask to be in an abusive relationship, but it happens. For many of us, we use resources like our family, our connections, and our savings to help us move past our adversity. But what about everyone else? What about our community members who don’t have the same resources that we do?

Shelters and food banks are two examples of charities and government programs that exist to help individuals overcome their adversity. While extremely necessary and important, these resources do not provide a sense of empowerment - simply put, you don’t feel good when you use them.

Our vision is to create a platform where everyone in our community has an opportunity to create meaningful change in their lives and overcome the adversity that they have experienced.


We work alongside those overcoming adversity to become a creator.

Becoming a creator is empowering, as we are showcasing our talent, ideas and visions to influence and inspire those around us. When our partners become a creator, they feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. One of our partners, Andrew, explained it perfectly:

“I doubt myself a lot, I doubt myself and my worth, and it’s things like this that show me that I can do it. It proves to myself that I am worthy, that I can do good, and that I do have a lot to contribute.”

We don’t offer to change people’s circumstances - overcoming adversity is a journey that requires time. What we do offer is a rewarding business experience where our creators begin to feel change within themselves.


We co-create simple and powerful products for the community to purchase and share the profits from every sale.

You can directly empower our creators by purchasing a Community Box. Every Community Box is themed, and contains three-to-five high-quality products made by our creators. Examples of products in previous boxes include holiday cards, tote bags, and self-care booklets.

The products in every box are interrelated and work perfectly as a gift to yourself or others; every product also has standalone value, allowing you to share individuals items with coworkers, friends, or family members.

We are a social business that values our creators tremendously. As such, they are paid for their time and 50% of all business profits are shared with our creators to help them achieve their goals.

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