The Community Company : Tote Bag

Already Own a Tote Bag?

We don’t like being wasteful.

We understand that many of you already own an everyday tote bag, whether it’s from the grocery store, the library, or from a business that gave you a free bag that one time.

We don’t want your old tote bag to go to waste. If you promise to donate your old tote bag(s) to someone in our community that may need one, we’ll give you 10% off your purchase!

You can donate your old tote bag to:

  • A neighbour, friend, or co-worker that you’ve seen use a plastic bag

  • The grocery store checkout for the next customer that asks for a plastic bag

  • a food bank or other charity, along with your donation of food/money!

Let’s give that tote bag another life.

Enter the code “REUSE” at checkout to get 10% off your tote bag purchase!