Gratitude Card

Gratitude Card


The Community Box:

Our third Community Box was created in collaboration with HOPE House, a front-line poverty relief and social assistance centre in Guelph, Ontario. The box was developed by five Community Creators with a passion for self-care.


The gratitude card was made by Martha.

“I’ve never been able to paint and creating the sunflower made me feel so happy while I was doing it. Seeing my art on the gratitude card is a humbling feeling because I don’t assume people want to keep anything I make or anything I do. It’s very humble to think maybe my work is good enough to be on a card.”


Every Community Creator earned $50 for developing the self-care box. Additionally, 50% of our profits are shared with our Creators.

Purchase a gratitude card below to help us empower our Creators, or click here to learn more about the self-care box.

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