Community Partners: Holiday Edition.

Below are the four community partners that designed the holiday cards for November 2018’s Community Box.


Tiffany, Guelph, Ontario.

“Christmas means giving and showing others that I care. My absolute favourite Christmas memory is the birth of my daughter, Willow. I was due on January 11th, but when I was preparing for bed on Christmas Eve, my water broke. She was born on 5:37pm on Christmas day - we completely missed everything to do with Christmas that year.”

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Brandy, Waterloo, Ontario.

“One thing that gets me every Christmas is the look on my daughter Emily’s face when she gets a present. I try to do 3-4 gifts depending on what my budget is; I get her something she wants, something she needs, something to wear and something to read. She’ll rip off the gift wrap and get right in there.”

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Sam, Kitchener, Ontario.

“My two dogs mean everything to me. I’ve had them for a few years now and they are always with me. Sometimes when everything’s too much, they help ground me and keep me company.”

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Elisa, Cambridge, Ontario.

“It’s the anticipation for Santa Claus. My kids got really really excited the first time they saw Santa Claus at the parade and I did too. I loved watching the Santa Claus parade with my mother and I’m happy to continue the tradition with my kids. Christmas is about family time.

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