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Community Box: Self-Care Edition

Featured Creator, September 2019

A perfect day for me is a day where I’m busy, volunteering, and listening to people and helping them with their problems.

Marlene’s Story

I’m not as close as I used to be with my family. Sometimes it hurts, but you learn to get on with it and while sometimes my sister and I may not talk for a few months, we know that we are there for each other. 

I love my adoptive family. Sarah has adopted Paul & I as parents and her two kids are the apple of our eyes. Martha is loving and caring and is there for whoever needs her, whenever they need her. Ame is very, very artistic and would give you the shirt off his back.

I know I can count on them no matter what. They understand that I’m not perfect and they make me feel better about myself.

I have a lot of operations coming up and I would want to know that everything will be okay and that I won’t have a long recovery period. I want to know my health will be okay so that my family and friends won’t have to worry about me. 

My greatest accomplishment was going back to college and becoming a Personal Support Worker and getting a job that I love. Because of my health, I can’t do it anymore and it’s something that I miss. It made me feel good to see the people that I worked with accomplish the things that they wanted to.

I love caring for people and helping people make changes in their lives.

I think the community needs to be accepting of people who are different. I was bullied earlier on for the way that I walked and talked, but it was something that I couldn’t change about me. People need to feel like human beings and they need to feel like they are important. 

A perfect day for me is a day where I’m busy, volunteering, and listening to people and helping them with their problems. We’re at HOPE House almost every day.

I’ve known Paul (her partner) for quite a few years. I needed a date for a wedding, so I called him to ask and he said yes.

We ended up getting married and our families blended so well together.

The Community Box:


Self-Care Edition



Our third Community Box was created by five current or former users of HOPE House with a passion for self-care.

The Self-Care Box includes:

  • A self-care booklet with gentle everyday reminders

  • A handmade bracelet with a lava bead for essential oils or fragrances

  • A gratitude card to share with people you are grateful for

  • Three unique tea blends made in partnership with GROSCHE Coffee & Tea


The box was created in collaboration with HOPE House, a front-line poverty relief and social assistance centre in Guelph, Ontario.


Martha earned $50 for co-creating the products in her Community Box. Additionally, 50% of all our profits are shared with our Creators.


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