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Community Box: Homelessness Edition

Featured Creator, April 2019

It was like I was playing Monopoly, and I lost all of my property – everything just went in a blink.

Jillian´s Story

In February 2016, I had a D&C which meant my unborn baby had to be surgically removed - this was the beginning of an unbearable amount of physical and mental pain for me. I had frequent migraines, and they became chronic after my miscarriage and I had to take a leave from work.

It’s incredibly difficult when you have an invisible disease because everyone thinks you are faking it.

While I can sometimes function through it, it is extremely disheartening to hear people say that I can just push through. I lost my job because of my migraines, and I also experienced abuse at home. My finances went from making good money to being on welfare and having serious family issues.

It was like I was playing Monopoly, and I lost all of my property – everything just went in a blink.

I’ve lived comfortable and I’ve lived in poverty, but this is the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like this. You learn humility quickly when you’re homeless. Living at the shelter has given me the chance to change the cycle of abuse with the help of the caring women’s crisis workers.

Being able to bond with other women here going through similar struggles is helpful as we’re building a community together.

I am feeling much better about things. I feel regenerated. I have the power to change my life.  I am moving on and I am one foot out of it - I just hope I don’t fall back in.

For my tote bag design,

I wanted to have flowers because they represent growth and they are beautiful. The wilted flower symbolizes my homelessness and how I felt when i lost everything. The healthy flower symbolizes strength and the words represent what I’m putting into myself and where I want to be.


The Community Box:


Homelessness Edition



Our second Community Box was created by three partners who have recently experienced homelessness - the tote bag designs are meaningful and personal to our partners.

The premium tote bags (15” by 15” by 3”) are suitable for groceries, books, and everything in between. The bags are made from 100% heavy canvas and are screen-printed locally in Guelph, Ontario.


Jillian earned $50 for co-designing her tote bag. Additionally, 50% of all our profits are shared with our Creators.


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