Kitchener, Ontario

Community Box: Homelessness Edition

Featured Creator, April 2019

Understand where we are coming from because you can find gold in a lot people, but you’ll never see it if you don’t look.

Hawke´s Story

There’s a lot of people that never want anything to do with you. Once you’re homeless, people look at you like you’re nothing and after a while, you start to feel like nothing.

You want to be improving yourself and bettering your situation, but you’re shot down at every turn.

That’s what drives people to doing drugs and spiraling down. I know a lot of people who have died because of this, and all it would have taken is someone to give them a chance.

We look a little rough. We look like we’re tired of life. Everyone feels that sometimes whether you’re homeless or not, but on your worst days, you have somewhere to go - your friends, your bedroom, or your pillow.

we don’t have any of that, so we have to wear our emotions on our sleeves and pretend like we have it together.

A lot of people on the streets are lonelier than you think, It changed for me once I got my dog - she is my family and we’re always together. I was on house arrest and I had to be with my surety at all times. After a disagreement, I told them I was going to leave the next morning but before I could, I woke up with this puppy next to me.

I don’t want to give my dog an unfair chance at the life it deserves and because of that, I’ll do anything I can to put a roof over her head, keep her fed and keep her happy. She’s a mirror that can listen. If i’m upset, she knows it and she actually cares.

She’s given me something to care about, she’s someone who trusts me and someone who believers in me

for my tote bag design,

it symbolizes the way I’ve lived. Sometimes you just want to do something for yourself and there will be a hand to help you up. But often, that same hand will drop you the next day and leave you back where you started. Don’t discriminate and listen to the whole story.

Understand where we are coming from because you can find gold in a lot people, but you’ll never see it if you don’t look.


The Community Box:


Homelessness Edition



Our second Community Box was created by three partners who have recently experienced homelessness - the tote bag designs are meaningful and personal to our partners.

The premium tote bags (15” by 15” by 3”) are suitable for groceries, books, and everything in between. The bags are made from 100% heavy canvas and are screen-printed locally in Guelph, Ontario.


Hawke earned $50 for co-designing his tote bag. Additionally, 50% of all our profits are shared with our Creators.


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