Celebrating Progress

Everyone loves celebrating success. But what about progress?

Written by Justin Chan, Founder of The Community Company. Published on October 2, 2019.

We celebrate the people who win tournaments, the people who build businesses, and the people who’ve overcome their addictions.

I get it. 

It makes us feel proud. It makes us feel excited. It makes us feel inspired.

Without taking a single thing away from success stories because they are important, I want to also acknowledge something else that should make us feel just as proud, excited, and inspired.


It’s progress. And it’s happening every day in our community.

Let’s also celebrate people’s effort. Let’s also celebrate their perseverance. Let’s also celebrate their journey.

There’s BEAUTY in the struggle and if we look away, we might miss it.


I asked one of our creators, Andrew, how the community can help those overcoming homelessness, and he said:


“A belief about myself is hard to get.”

“I’ve lived it so long and I’ve done so many not-so-pretty things that I tend to believe that I am a not-so-pretty thing."

"When somebody builds up your self-esteem, I have a belief in myself that I can do things, and that I am a good person. Getting support from other people who may drive a car or own a home - that’s more than money can give.”


I have a challenge for our community.


We all know people in our lives who are on a journey to better themselves,

whether its overcoming a health challenge, studying for their entrance exam, or overcoming homelessness. If you can see and feel the effort they are putting in every day, acknowledge it and celebrate it, because it goes a lot further than you think. To some, it could be life-changing.

Progress isn’t linear.

Let's celebrate the people in our lives who are making progress on their journey.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it.

We’re truly about creating systemic change by providing everyone in our community an opportunity to inspire and create.

Look forward to posts on topics such as homelessness, inclusive language and interviews with changemakers in our community. If you connected with our message on empowerment, the greatest compliment you can give us is to share this project with a friend and help us raise awareness. You can find our Facebook page here and our Instagram page here.

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