Jillian’s Design.

For my tote bag design, I wanted to have flowers because they represent growth and they are beautiful. The wilted flower symbolizes my homelessness and how I felt when i lost everything. The healthy flower symbolizes strength and the words represent what I’m putting into myself and where I want to be.


Hawke’s Design.

The design on the bag symbolizes the way I’ve lived. Sometimes you just want to do something for yourself and there will be a hand to help you up. But often, that same hand will drop you the next day and leave you back where you started.


Andrew’s Design.

For the tote bag, the design represents my pride and not wanting others to see the struggle that I keep in myself.

I feel like I am in a prison of my own making. I am able to get out, but I still feel like I deserve the punishment so I stay inside.

We all have a prince in our frog, but sometimes you have to kiss the frog more often than others.